Oh, Tulsa Biennial last few days to check out, my 2 version of Tulsa Towers!

I have 2 pieces of Art in the Oh Tulsa Biennial, Not my dog art, not even landscape like my 2 accepted 2 years ago. One is Silverpoint & Copperpoint, Ink & Carbon drawing of "Tulsa Towers", and "Tulsa Towers n Color" the Colorized version are created with diluted Oil & dye, on watercolor paper. They are not traditional Architectural type Renderings but my wacky view of them.

Living Arts Gallery for Last Few Days of the Oh, Tulsa! Exhibit Today-Tues-Wed-Fri 1-5 pm &
Thursday 1-9 pm 307 East Brady St. Tulsa, OK,
btw Lori's Art (there are 2 versions on exhibit) was mentioned in Tulsa World Article by JAMES D. WATTS JR
“...... Lori Abrams Rauchwerger takes a more conventional view of the skyline with her “Tulsa Towers.”